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Stempelmat Cat Scratch

Stempelmat Swirly Hearts Reverse

Stempelmat Rose Cluster Reverse

Stempelmat Cheese Cloth

Stempelmat Plant Cell Fineline

Stempelmat Scrungie

Stempelmat Tide Lines

Stempelmat Seashell Sunrise

Stempelmat Rainy Day Embossed

Shape Set

Drive belt Lortone model 3A

Blits-beits 6ml

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Patina Gel 35ml (sulfur liver)

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Koperen Armband Droogmal 2st

Profi-desk lamp LED

Circle template 27 circles

Rubber stopper zwart 6mmx 1.9mm, 10st

Rubber stopper transparant 6mmx 1.9mm, 10st

Price drop

Luxury fine silver pendant eye (999) 1pc 6 x 3.9mm

Double bracelet Velvet taupe (43cm)

Single bracelet nubuck Nero black (23cm)

Single bracelet Aruba blue (23cm)

Single bracelet nubuck Cognac brown (23cm)

Single bracelet Dark midnight blue (23cm)

Single bracelet Night tide green (23cm)

Single bracelet turquoise green (23cm)

Single bracelet Grayed sea green (23cm)

Single bracelet nubuck Chocolate brown (23cm)

Single bracelet Large taupe (27cm)

Single bracelet Large Nero black (27cm)

Single bracelet Large Fudge brown (27cm)

Single bracelet Large Anthracite Grey (27cm)

Slider square Silver color 20mm 1 pc.

Slider square Silver color 20mm 5 pcs.

Wax vel 1mm ACS

Art Clay Original Feather mold

Art Clay Original texture Ring mold

Spherical shape sphere / hollow

Wing / heart mold

4 different ovals in various sizes

Zircon blue 3mm square, 1pc

Zircon blue 4mm square, 1pc

Zircon blue 5mm square, 1pc

Zircon yellow 3mm square, 1pc

Zircon pink 3mm square, 1pc

Zircon pink 4mm square, 1pc

Zircon green 3mm square, 1pc

Zircon green 4mm square, 1pc

Zircon green 5mm square, 1pc

Zircon white 2mm square, 1pc

Zircon white 3mm square, 1pc

Zircon white 4mm square, 1pc

Zircon white 5mm square, 1pc ACS

Zircon white 5mm square, 5pcs ACS

Zircon white 8mm square, 1pc

Fotopolymeerplaat A4, 0,95mm

Thin Photopolymer plate A5,

Prometheus Silver Clay 999 10grams

Prometheus Silver Clay 999 10gram syringe

Prometheus Silver Clay 999 50gram

Prometheus Silver Clay 999 25gram

Prometheus Silver Clay 999 10grams

Cutters heart

Cutters triangle

Cutters drop

Ruby Synth cabochon 8mm, 1st

Blue Sapphire cabochon 8mm, 1st

Amethyst synthetic Cabochon 6mm, 1pcs

Pink Sapphire Cabochon 6mm, 1pcs

Cubic Zircon White Diamond 6mm, 1 pcs

Cubic Zircon White Diamond 4mm, 1 pcs

Cubic Zircon White Diamond 8mm, 1 pcs

Cubic Zircon White Diamond 3mm, 1pcs

Zircon orange round 2mm, 1 pcs

Zircon orange round 3mm, 1 psc

Energy template ACS

Ornament template ACS

Flowers 2 template ACS

Swirl template ACS

Shield template ACS

Carbon digital caliper

Metal ring stick without size indication

Brass wire brush 6mm round

UV Resin Transparent ACS 55g

Nitrile gloves, 5 pair, L 9-10

Nitrile gloves, 5 pair, S 5-6

Polijstzeep 1 Liter

Polishing balls mixed 0.5kg

Polishing drum with 1kg bullets

Polishing balls for the Lortone polisher

Lortone Polishing machine model 3A

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Complete starter kit

Thin Photopolymer plate A5,

Thin Photopolymer plate A6

Large folding mirror

Kumihimo disk

Empty mist bottle 10ml

Empty mist bottle 35ml

Diamond milling set 30pcs

Large work surface Acrylic 31x18 cm