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Ruby Synth cabochon 8mm, 1st

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Ruby Synth cabochon 6mm, 1st

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Ruby Synth cabochon 5mm, 1st

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Ruby Synth cabochon 4mm, 1st

Mini mold heart

Mini mold Scull

Mini mold Star and Moon

Mini mold Clover

Mini mold Fish

Mini mold Alphabet-01

Mini mold Libelle and Bee

Mini mold Cupid

Mini mold Winged Heart

Mini mold Buttefly-01

Amethyst 10x14mm Pear CZ

Lavender 10x14mm Pear CZ

White 10x14mm Pear CZ

Amethyst 10x12mm Pear CZ

Lavender 10x12mm Pear CZ

Amethyst 6x8mm Pear CZ

Lavender 6x8mm Pear CZ

Amethyst 8x16mm Marquise CZ

Lavender 8x16mm Marquise CZ

Garnet 7x14mm Marquise CZ

Black 7x14mm Marquise CZ

Peridot 7x14mm Marquise CZ

Amethyst 7x14mm Marquise CZ

Lavender 7x14mm Marquise CZ

White 7x14mm Marquise CZ

Amethyst 6x12mm Marquise CZ

Lavender 6x12mm Marquise CZ

Aqua blue 8mm Trilion Spinel

Amethyst 10mm Trilion CZ

Lavender 10mm Trilion CZ

Amethyst 8mm Trilion CZ

Lavender 8mm Trilion CZ

Black 8mm Trilion CZ

Peridot 8mm Trilion CZ

Garnet 8mm Trilion CZ

White 8mm Trilion CZ

Amethyst 6mm Trilion CZ

Lavender 6mm Trilion CZ

Large rectangle template 24 rectangles

Large triangle template 33 triangles

Large Oval template 39 ovals

Sealife template

Hexagonal slim template

Crown template

Form Divers 4 template

Ring-bands template

Fine silver wire 1.4mm 50cm (999)

Mini Stainless Steel Brush, Super fine wire 0.05 double ended

Soft mold Hemisphere

Art Clay Safety Box for Rotary tool

Aquamarine 6mm Round Spinel #106

Aquamarine 5mm Round Spinel #106

Aquamarine 4mm Round Spinel #106

Aquamarine 3mm Round Spinel #106

Aquamarine 2mm Round Spinel #106

Aqua blue 6mm Round Spinel #120

Aqua blue 5mm Round Spinel #120

Aqua blue 4mm Round Spinel #120

Aqua blue 3mm Round Spinel #120

Aqua blue 2mm Round Spinel #120

Deep blue 6mm Round Spinel #119

Deep blue 5mm Round Spinel #119

Deep blue 4mm Round Spinel #119

Deep blue 3mm Round Spinel #119

Deep blue 2mm Round Spinel #119

Dark blue 6mm Round Spinel #113

Dark blue 5mm Round Spinel #113

Dark blue 4mm Round Spinel #113

Dark blue 3mm Round Spinel #113

Dark blue 2mm Round Spinel #113

Emerald 6mm Round CZ

Emerald 5mm Round CZ

Emerald 4mm Round CZ

Emerald 3mm Round CZ

Emerald 2mm Round CZ

Orange 6mm Round CZ

Orange 5mm Round CZ

Orange 4mm Round CZ

Orange 3mm Round CZ

Orange 2mm Round CZ

Black 6mm Round CZ

Black 5mm Round CZ

Black 4mm Round CZ

Black 3mm Round CZ

Black 2mm Round CZ

Pink 6mm Round CZ

Pink 5mm Round CZ

Pink 4mm Round CZ

Pink 3mm Round CZ

Pink 2mm Round CZ

White 6mm Round CZ

White 5mm Round CZ

White 4mm Round CZ

White 3mm Round CZ

White 2mm Round CZ

Garnet 6mm Round CZ