Save discount


Save your own discount.

As a regular customer, you can enjoy a special savings program for own discount. The more you buy, the higher your discount get and the discount is valid indefinitely.

Note: Always log in to receive your discount!

All orders are to be settled totaled. The discount is valid from your next order.

Example: You have placed an order of € 30.00, and the second order of € 25.00 these amounts are automatically added. With each subsequent order you do you get a 2% discount or more.

If you want to know what you already have saved up you can always send us an email to request this.


Sign Up

To create an account you can register by filling out a form, by clicking the login button and click sign up. You will now see the application form, do not forget to click on Enter when you're done. You will immediately receive an email with username and password.




To log on, enter your username and password after you click the login button. Always log in before you place your order. If you are already entitled to a discount (from € 50 million) than you will see after logging in once the right price minus your discount.


You will receive a confirmation email.