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Sterling Silver 2.2mm Flat-Wire Neck Ring (925)

Back in stock

Mold for eyelets

Set Diamond Abrasive blocks

Diamond Abrasive block 600 grid

Diamond Abrasive block 400 grid

Diamond Abrasive block 200 grid

Diamond Abrasive block 100 grid

Trivert no 1

Trivert no 2

Small enamel spatula

Membrame box small

Membrame box with hinge

Set of four quality pliers.

Slimline Round-Nose Pliers

Slimline chain-nose pliers

Quality Flat-nose pliers

Slim Bevel Cutter

Temporarily not available  

Needle tool ultra-thin

Opal flakes Blue transparant 3g

Art Clay Japanse Ringmaat Papier

Heat proof

Zircon green round 2mm, 1 pcs

Heat proof

Zircon oval white 6x8mm, 1 pcs

Synthetic Opal round 4mm Cabochon

Synthetic Opal 6x4mm Cabochon